About us

Lawyer Zvonimir Vlahov (born in 1952., father Šime, also a lawyer with office in Rijeka from 1950 until 1978), has been working for many years in biggest Croatian insurance company on different tasks, changing from position of a trainee, legal representative, manager of legal department and finally to the position of director of the subsidiary of the company.

In his working carrier he attended number of legal educations in and outside of the country (among others, at the Institute of Maritime Law, Southampton, England) with specific emphasis on transport and credit insurances as well as on the legal sphere connected to all kind of responsibilities in the transit.

He published papers in different professional publications (see under section Comments). He is also a member of Croatian Bird Strike Committee (in case of collision between airplanes and birds) formed within the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

This law office is active mainly in fields of civil law (within its broad meaning), commercial, maritime, insurance and labor law.